Chopped Competition

On the heels of the Inaugural Chef Culinary Conference Chopped competition, the high adrenaline cheff-off is back, but with a twist. Like last year, each round will feature four competing chefs. Their challenge is to take a mystery basket of ingredients and turn them into a dish that is judged on creativity, presentation and taste with minimal time to plan and execute. Each day’s competition will consist of 1 round of an entrée dish. The chefs will be given a basket containing four ingredients and the dish each competitor prepares must contain each of those ingredients.

The competitors are given access to a pantry and refrigerator stocked with a wide variety of other ingredients. There will be a time limit of 30 minutes for the competition. The chefs must cook their dishes and complete four platings (one for each judge plus one “beauty plate”) before time runs out. At the end of each day’s competition the judges will critique the dishes based on presentation, taste and creativity. The judges then decide which chefs are “chopped” that is, eliminated from the competition. Thus by the end of the second day of competition there will only be 2 competitors remaining. On the third day of competition the competitors will have 1 round of an entree. Judges will consider creativity, presentation and taste. The winner will receive $500.

The twist this year will incorporate the flavors of the popular television series cut-throat kitchen. Each competitor will have $1000 Chef Dollars at the beginning of the round. Through auctions they can purchase opportunities to sabotage each other of benefit themselves. The winner of each qualifying round will get $100.

If you would like to have a chance to be chosen for this fun competition please sign up when you register for the conference. Four competitors will be chosen on Sunday and Monday night to compete.