Dave CarrollDave Carroll is an award winning singer-songwriter, social media innovator, author and speaker from Halifax, Canada.

With twenty years experience in the music business, when faced with a difficult customer service issue with United Airlines in 2009, Dave used his ability as a master storyteller to share his issue with the world. The resulting YouTube music video called “United Breaks Guitars” became an instant viral hit and today over 150 million people have been introduced to his story.

With significant impacts in the areas of customer service, social media, branding and self-empowerment Dave’s career as an entertainer and songwriter has expanded. He is now a highly sought after professional speaker, a published author and he is increasingly being commissioned to write songs for other people and organizations. He is also co-founder of Gripevine.com, an on-line customer complaints resolution empowers consumers to express sentiment and Lean2Logix.com which empowers companies with the ability to ‘hear’

His ability to extract the essence of a message and craft it into song is a rare gift. His warm and often humorous delivery of his story and its implications is both entertaining and educational. Songwriter, performer, author, speaker and social media innovator, Dave Carroll is said to be “one of the nicest guys in the business”.