Jorge NoriegaJorge Noriega brings over a decade of culinary experience to his duties as Recipe & Development Chef for UCLA Dining Services. Chef Noriega began his career at the age of 14, washing pots and making pasta in the kitchen of Trattoria of America in Panama City, Panama. After graduating from the CIA, Chef Noriega spent the next year traveling through Europe discovering his culinary passions. Upon returning to the States, he moved to Memphis to work in the pastry kitchen of Erling Jensen Restaurant where he fine-tuned his pastry skills. After working at Metropolitan in Charlottesville, Virginia , under Vincent Dureme, he then continued his love of pastries as a baker at Albermale Baking Company. In 2000, Chef Noriega and his wife moved back to Memphis to run EJ’s Brasserie, a Danish style casual restaurant then moving on to work with Wally Joe as the pastry chef at Wally Joe’s, where he gained attention for his bold ideas and exquisite execution. Chef Noriega┬áthen joined the UCLA team in 2009. Since then, he has created and refined over 3,500 recipes for its 9 restaurants.