Digital ImageKeith Benson is the founding Director of the Alliance for Sustainable Agricultural Production, a nonprofit located in the Mississippi Delta. The Alliance is dedicated to improving the quality of life for poor, rural, and under-served communities, with a special emphasis on “at-risk” or vulnerable populations. This mission is accomplished by helping people to grow, process, market and distribute high-value sustainably grown crops: specialty vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, and flowers.

Mr. Benson has provided leadership for numerous public, private, and nonprofit organizations at the local, national, and international level. Positions included Managing Director/CEO of Mississippi Development Partners – an international development/consulting firm and Country Director/Chief of Party for the Mississippi Consortium for International Development in Nigeria.

Mr. Benson also held leadership positions within the United Way System, which included Vice President for Resource Development with United Way International – covering Africa, Canada, and the Caribbean; President and Chief Professional Officer for the United Way in Augusta Georgia; and Senior Manager with the United Way in Cleveland, Ohio. Mr. Benson has coordinated fund raising strategies that secured more than $41 million, managed the allocation of more than $32 million, and developed numerous agricultural recovery projects. Mr. Benson holds graduate and undergraduate degrees in Public Administration and Political Science. He is a resident of Holmes County in the Mississippi Delta and is personally committed to utilizing his talent and expertise to help the community where he grew up.