Kevin DuffyAssociate Instructor, Johnson and Wales University, College of Culinary Arts Providence, RI

Chef Duffy began his culinary career in his native country Ireland and later completed his apprenticeship in the Restaurant Casino, Switzerland and the Skyline Hotel, London. He moved to Bermuda in the mid “70’s where he held positions as Chef Saucier with the Elbow Beach Hotel and Head Chef at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club. Chef Duffy came to the US in 1980 to work at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Boston and soon after took a position as Chef Instructor at Johnson and Wales University in Rhode Island. In 1987 he opened the first of two restaurants, which he successfully operated for ten years. He returned to Johnson and Wales in 1997 as an instructor and shortly after was appointed to serve as the Assistant Director of Culinary Education and later as Dean of the College of Culinary Arts a position he held for seven years. Chef Duffy has a Bachelor’s degree in Food Service Management and a master’s degree in Culinary Education.