Michael MorganMichael Morgan Has worked in the Food service Industry for the past Thirty Eight years.

He has been the Executive Chef of resident dining at Binghamton University, Executive Chef or Eleven years at the Binghamton City Club, and Executive Chef with Sodexho Corporate dining services.

Chef Morgan has competed in over forty Culinary Shows with Four Gold Medals in Different Categories, Including a Gold medal and best of show in the Albany Hot food competition, Rhode Island seafood Challenge.

Other high lights in his Career are becoming a Certified Executive Chef, (CEC) Food service Management Professional, (FMP) American Academy of Chefs (AAC) Fellow, (Professional Culinary Judge). ACE.( Approved Culinary Evaluator)

He has pasted the Four day Master Chefs work shop held in the Culinary Institute of America in hopes of taking the Eight day Master Chef’s exam some day.

Chef Morgan lives in Binghamton New York with his wife Carla and Son Jesse.