Stacy MirabelloInstructor, Johnson and Wales University, College of Culinary Arts Providence, RI

Mirabello was born and raised in Boston and started becoming interested in food at a very young age. Being from an Italian decent, she learned by watching her grandmothers. Her excitement for food grew as the years passed. Her career in the business began during her teen years; due to the fact her mother was a manager in a very popular, fast-paced restaurant. Here is where she learned how the restaurant worked from the front of the house.

Her passion continued to evolve when she took a position as a pastry cook apprentice at Truly Jorg’s, a prominent bakery located on Boston’s North Shore. Jorg became her mentor by teaching her classical European style pastries and chocolates. She enrolled at Johnson & Wales University in the baking and pastry arts program and continued to work for Jorg on the weekends and holidays. Eventually she moved on to become the pastry chef at the Providence outpost of the acclaimed Capital Grill. Here, she was responsible for production of the dessert menu, and was a member of the company’s corporate training team. During the summers she would work as server and eventually as dining room manager at Hay Harbor Club on Fishers Island, NY. Her leadership role continued on as the pastry chef for the Chow Fun Food Group in Providence, overseeing the company’s five pastry departments.

Upon graduating she wanted a little more challenge, she packed up her bags and had a one-way ticket to England to work at the Waterside Inn, under Michel Roux. Here she was taught classical French desserts and cuisine. Throughout her contract at The Waterside Inn she slowly made the transition from sweet to savory.  Her time in Europe lead her on to a culinary excursion to wind up in France, trailing in restaurants here and there, and truly experiencing French cooking. She made her way back to the States and took a position as “poissonier” and “tournant” at the Spiced Pear in Newport, RI for a year then up to Boston at Ten Tables, Cambridge.  After a couple of years of working on the savory side she missed the finesse of creating desserts and took the portion of Pastry Chef at Bergamot restaurant in Somerville, MA for two years and then to Johnson & Wales University to teach in the culinary program.